Safety & Security

Support For Our Safety Service Personnel

Endorsed by the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police

If anyone looks at the crime trends in LD26, they will find that all crimes rates have been in decline for years. This is due to Tempe, Mesa and Phoenix having some of the best police and fire personnel anywhere in the country and they’re doing a great job in helping keep our communities safe. These community’s records of hiring top-notch chiefs and management have created organizations that focus on providing the best service possible.

But our safety service personnel are under attack by the Republican legislature. They have cut back on funding to law enforcement agencies. They have instituted unfunded mandates that force our police chiefs to focus on legislative priorities instead of public safety priorities. They have even tried to take away the right to simply meet and confer with management over work conditions, benefits and salary issues. Put simply, if we expect these trained professionals to put their lives on the line for us, the least we can do is treat them like intelligent human beings and professionals and pay them accordingly.

As your state representative, I will work with representatives of our safety forces to make sure the state legislature doesn’t make their jobs even more difficult by taking away resources, forcing unnecessary mandates or regulations on them. These professionals deserve our thanks and our support.