The Right Priorities

Arizona Republicans have lost sight of what’s most important and have focused on passing bills that challenge the Presidents birth certificate, allow guns in schools, and declaring pregnancy occurs before conception. It’s time to end these practices and elect leaders who know how to set the right priorities.

At a time when our future depends on an educated, world-class workforce, the Republicans cut $1.2B in education funding. During an economic recession where more and more Arizonans are losing their jobs, access to health care and their homes, the Republicans refuse federal funds to extend unemployment benefits, raid funds intended to help Arizona families avoid foreclosure and cut thousands of more children and adults access to medical care while insisting on giving a large tax cut to businesses who didn’t personally ask for it.

Arizonans need a legislature whose job #1 is looking out for their best interests, not those of their political party or campaign donors. Arizonans want a legislature who don’t introduce “life begins before conception” and “birther bills” because those aren’t issues the legislature should be considering in the first place.

As your state representative, I’ll introduce, sponsor and co-sponsor only those bills that move Arizona forward and that help grow our economy, create jobs and make Arizona a world-class place to raise a family and start a business. Those are the right priorities.