LD-26 Slate

Andrew is running alongside two other Democrats in LD-26 to represent the majority of Democratic and independent voters in the Tempe/Mesa community. All three candidates share the belief that as representatives in the Arizona Senate and House, they have a duty to represent all of the residents of the district and not just the majority. They don’t believe the apparent Republican Golden Rule of “whoever has the gold makes the rules.” Instead, they believe that government should be responsive to the needs and the will of the people and do all they can to reduce government interference while making sure government undertakes those tasks and responsibilities that make ours a civilized and growing society.

Andrew’s running mates in LD-26 are:

Ed Ableser – Arizona State Senate – www.edableser.com
Juan Mendez – Arizona House of Representatives – www.mendezforaz.com

Be sure to check out their web and Facebook pages and vote for all three!