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  • Second Session Legislative Review

    As the 2014 election draws closer, it’s important to remember that an election is a job review for legislators and elected officials. Let’s review. The 51st legislature did almost nothing for a healthy, educated, prosperous Arizona. 
Instead, we got phony proposals, starved agencies, and bad …

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  • 2014 Clean Elections Statement

    I am running for re-election because more work needs to be done at the Capitol. I believe my performance merits your consideration and your vote.  I work hard, often spending 80 hours a week at the Capitol. I meet with constituents regularly, giving them my …

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  • ASU Tempe Campus Resident Voting Locations

    As a public service to those voters who live on the ASU Tempe Campus, I have looked up the polling place for every campus housing facility listed on ASU’s website on the Maricopa County Recorder’s website and posted that information here. If you believe you …

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  • What This Election Means For Arizona

    The 2012 legislative elections will be one of the most important ones held in at least a decade. Not only are there new legislative district lines to contend with, we have seen the agenda the Tea Party Republicans had for our state and it wasn’t …

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  • Andrew’s Blog

    Thank you for visiting my new campaign website. Please feel free to look around, explore my views on the issues and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I’m one of those candidates who is always willing to listen to other people’s perspectives and get their …

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