About Andrew

Andrew Sherwood is running for the Arizona House in District 26 to bring courage, new leadership and innovative ideas to the State Capitol.

You may know Andrew as the man who led the Democratic Party’s efforts to recall Russell Pearce and he did so by building coalitions of Democrats, independent voters and Latinos when others thought it was impossible, and supported the efforts of the recall organizers. In fact, Andrew is the only Democratic candidate running for elected office in the East Valley who actively participated and supported the recall effort.

But much more work needs to be done to turn Arizona around. Andrew Sherwood is a Democrat who will stand up and fight hard for you in the Arizona Legislature.

Andrew Sherwood is a native Arizonan raised in Tucson and residing in Mesa and Gilbert for the last seven years. He attended Catalina Foothills High School and Arizona State University, graduating with a B.I.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on American history and sociology.

Beginning in college, Andrew has built a successful small business as a professional dog trainer and today commands respect from a clientele that includes top athletes, business executives and media. His work includes both television commercials and a mini-series. He provides pro bono work for people with disabilities, the elderly and animal rescue organizations.

Andrew is a skilled rock climber and outdoorsman who enjoys working out in local gyms and making climbs in Arizona and California. In the evening he enjoys walking with his two Siberian Huskies. Beginning in college, Andrew visited 25 states in the USA and, inspired by an interest in other cultures, he has backpacked extensively overseas in destinations including Peru, India, Egypt and Spain.

Andrew Sherwood is a lifelong member of the Democratic Party. As a House candidate, Andrew brings a fresh, practical, balanced and responsible approach to the problems facing Arizona families, schools and businesses. His legislative priorities include restoring fiscal responsibility to the state budget process, restoring excellence to Arizona’s educational and health care systems, creating a dynamic business development and job creation environment, encouraging the development of renewable energy resources in Arizona, bringing back the notion of community policing, and finding viable solutions to the immigration problem.


Rock climbing, dog training, and politics.