Candidate’s News

2014 Clean Elections Statement

I am running for re-election because more work needs to be done at the Capitol. I believe my performance merits your consideration and your vote.  I work hard, often spending 80 hours a week at the Capitol. I meet with constituents regularly, giving them my cell phone number and calling them back promptly.  My earliest endorsements include Teachers and Law Enforcement.

As a member of the important House Appropriations Committee, I fought the Tea-Party extremists and their “go-backward” budgets tirelessly. I fought them as they passed SB1062 to legalize discrimination, HB2305 to legalize voter suppression and when they attacked women’s rights and our police and fire first-responders.

During my first term, I voted for the Medicaid expansion and the first budget in years that increased our investment in our children’s education. Over and over, I advocated for investments in science and increased ASU funding because I understand that to build a competitive economy, we need a competitive workforce.  My priorities included bills to restore funding to our public schools, develop Arizona’s solar energy industry and to promote business and economic growth.

You can move Arizona forward by re-electing Andrew Sherwood, Juan Mendez, and Ed Ableser to the Arizona Legislature.