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Who’s “More Conservative?” Is The Wrong Question.

It’s fairly common these days to hear our opponents talk up who’s more conservative than another as if that really matters to doing the job of representing LD26 effectively. If there’s a more meaningless bit of information about a candidate’s qualifications to work for the residents of our district and state, it’s “who’s more conservative.”

The fact is it doesn’t matter “who’s more conservative” or “who’s more progressive.”¬†What matters is how much they know about the issues?

What matters is whether they have the ability to consider other people’s perspectives?

What matters is can they have reasonable discussions of topics of importance or are they convinced they’re right 100% of the time?

What matters is whether their office door will be open to any constituent or only those who think like they do?

What matters is do they have the intelligence, the curiosity, the wisdom, experience and the compassion to address the needs of families, businesses and all Arizonans honestly?

When deciding the question of who to vote for in any political campaign, if a candidate says they are more of something than someone else, then you can be assured they have lost their perspective and will be unable to represent your interests as an elected official.

As your State Representative, my pledge to you is to be serious about the issues, focus on the facts and not get caught up in meaningless comparisons that do little to make me a more effective legislator. If you’ll take the time to read my positions on the issues on my website and you’ll see I’m someone you’ll be proud to call your representative.

It’s time to make a change in Arizona and I ask for your vote on November 6th.