Re-Elect Senator Andrew Sherwood

It's time to re-elect our new generation of leaders in Arizona. Voters should cast their ballot to re-elect Senator Andrew Sherwood.


Since 2012, even more Arizona business have closed and jobs lost due to failed Republican policies and laws that undermine or scare away high-growth industries. Arizona needs leaders who understand free markets, competitive advantage, and recognize opportunity and they are Democrats like Andrew Sherwood.


Thanks to failed Republican education policies, Arizona still ranks last in many important educational categories. If we want to attract high-tech, high-paying jobs, we need to invest in education again and reach for the top, not fall to the floor.

The Right Priorities

In 2014, too many bills are tied directly to special interests and political ideologies. We don't need to discriminate against the LBGT, we need to support them. We don't need guns in schools, we need better paid teachers in them. We don't need to kill solar energy, we need to expand it and create more new jobs. It's time to elect a Democratic majority.

LD-26 District Map

Andrew's Legislative District

Andrew On The Issues

The Economy

The best thing government can do to help our state’s economy recover is to support small business and help them exploit all of Arizona’s competitive advantages. That’s why we need to help grow new industries, like solar energy, space science, health care and manufacturing and bring good, high-paying jobs back to Arizona.


With safety and security so important, the Republican’s demonizing our police, fire and border patrol professionals makes no sense. Just because you’re a member of a union doesn’t mean you’re gouging the taxpayers or are lazy government workers. We should support and thank them for all they do, not cut their salaries.


If the Republicans are so good at managing education funding, then why did Education Week give Arizona a F in K-12, a D+ in school finance, and a C- in Chance for Success. Maybe nearly failing and below-average grades are good enough for them, but they aren’t to parents who expect better for their children.


Arizona Republicans have lost sight of what’s most important and have focused on passing bills that challenge the Presidents birth certificate, allow guns in schools, and declaring pregnancy occurs before conception. It’s time to end these practices and elect leaders who know how to set the right priorities.